AACE 2017 Algorithm for Diabetes

AACE 2017 Algorithm

The attachment is a slide from the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists.  Every year they give us guidelines and changes to how we manage diabetes.  This one slide I have attached is a very important slide that I have talked about with many primary care doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, other endocrinologists.

The main message from this slide is at the very left where it gives all of the medications with a green bar.  As you can see some of the medications have a longer green bar than others.  This means that there is more clinical evidence, from published clinical trials, that this group of medication has better efficacy, less side effects, or more favorable side effects and better for the disease state of diabetes.

The entire article has all the rational and clinical trials if you want to look them up.  This is more for physicians, but patients can see the evidence is overwhelming for the group of meds called GLP-1s (after metformin).

This is an group of medications where they are all injections, but they are not insulin.

You can use anything you want as a physician for diabetes, and these are just guidelines backed up by clinical evidence and this was written and approved by group other endocrinologists.

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