Diabetes Education, Back to Basics?

Healthy diet and exercise for Chronic disease management creates success for patients with those diseases.  Why are we not more focused on healthy diet and exercise and lifestyle modifications?  This article takes a good look at some of the reasons why.  What are your thoughts?

The link is below, but here is the main part of the conclusion:


The success in management of chronic disease lies in a physician’s ability to educate patients and effective utilization of the resources available to that provider. Patient accountability for their individual chronic disease states is a problem related to patient education, patient participation, access to care, and payment resources. Financial, racial, and socioeconomic barriers must be addressed in the creation of an effective plan. Teaching on the importance of diet and exercise needs to occur early in life and be continually reinforced for successful outcomes. In the last 10 years, there has not been a significant study suggesting a single successful model of diet and exercise that can control chronic diseases. Cardiac, diabetic, and cancer patients have reduced hospital admissions, improved diabetic control, and improved quality of life scores related to coordinated diet and exercise programs, however. Patients may be unwilling or unable to be accountable for health care coordination. The development of exercise and obesity prevention policies and the adjustment in financial rewards to health care organizations will have a major impact in implementing these programs over the next 10 years.


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