Jardiance, best in class? Yes

The newest class of diabetes medications is called the SGLT-2.  They work by forcing the kidneys to get rid of sugar in the urine.  There are three in the class.  Jardiance, Invokana, Farxiga.

Jardiance just came out with a clinical trial that showed that it can prevent cardiovascular death by 38% in patients that have cardiovascular disease!

This is huge for two reasons.  First, its 38%.  It’s not just 5% or 10%, but freaking 38%!  We are not messing around here.  Second, this is the first time that a diabetes drug has shown to reduce cardiovascular death.  You may think, that can’t be true.  There are statins (for cholesterol) and ace inhibitors (for blood pressure) that have shown this, but not diabetes drugs.  This is the very first trial to show this.  This is very very big news in the diabetes world.

The question is why does this happen and is this a class effect?

We don’t know why it happens.  We can only speculate at this point.  But they are looking into it but we may never know.

Well, surely if Jardiance has this reduction, the other drugs in the class will have the same effect?  Just like statins and ace inhibitors.  Slow down there.  Other diabetes drugs have tried (and failed) to show benefit, so it’s not an easy task and it’s a big leap scientifically to say it’s a class effect.  At least for the data we have now.

So, should everyone be on Jardiance if you are taking one of the drugs in the class?  Well, why not?  Wouldn’t you want to be wearing your seat belt even if you are riding in a Volvo?  That’s a stupid example because it’s the law to wear seat belts.  Oh, wait a minute, the American Diabetes Association says to use Jardiance in this patient population.

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