Goal A1c

What is the goal A1c when you have diabetes?

Textbook answer, and then the real answer.


Pretend I have some reading glasses on and I have my head down while looking at you over the glasses.  Like some old teachers do.  I am the expert.  I am the endocrinologist.  In my most snobbish voice: “Well, according to the American Association of Endocrinologists, the goal A1c is less than 6.5.” Or “Well, according to the American Diabetes Association, the goal A1c is less than 7.0”.

“Furthermore, they now suggest that we individualize treatment for each patient.  This was because of many clinical trials that suggest that mortality rates were higher in elderly patients with other co-morbidities at lower A1c”


Real answer.

Pretend you are asking your endocrinologist (who has diabetes himself) and the two of you are in the bar just relaxing and enjoying the game.

“Dude, the goal A1c is low as possible without getting low sugars”


Drop the mic.

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