Exercise and Sugars

Sometimes my sugars go up during my work out and other times, they go low.  What’s going on?

Let’s say that you hate to work out your chest and biceps.  You are stressed from the sub-conscience anxiety and when you do the work out, it hurts, you are not doing it right or something is just not right.  But, it’s the mind set mostly, whether you enjoy it or not.  If you don’t, or doing something wrong, sugars will go up because of the stress factor.

Let’s say you are going for a run.  You love to run and you are ready to go and mind is set and correct shoes, and you love the path you have picked or TV show you are going to watch (if stationary) and music is all good to go.  Your sugars will probably go down because of the burn factor.  You are just burning calories.  Your stress is low, so you will not make sugars during this time.

The “stress” factor is when your body makes other hormones like epinepherine, cortisol, the “adrenaline”, fight or flight hormones.  All of these hormones raise your sugars, no matter what you are doing, even exercise.  The caveman that is running from the bear has very high sugars.

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